Open Access to Scientific Papers and more

The European Union is on the way to make the access to scientific papers easier source. But still, it is not what we would call everything “free” for everyone. Hence, today I will post you a way to find and retrieve research and books for your study.

First of all, I can recommend Google Scholar. It is a great resource to find any kind of papers. I made also a great experience on the social network for scientists, ResearchGate. ResearchGate has many papers from researchers for researchers. You would usually need to pay money for some of the papers the researchers offer you at ResearchGate. One of the worst companies just interested in making money is, for instance, Elsevier.

Next, I present you some resources that are tolerated in my country but might cause you troubles. So, I’m not responsible for any problems you get if it is against your countries law. First, I want to mention a great research paper resource called Sci-Hub. It is one of the supporters of the “Guerilla Open Access” initiative. Knowledge for everyone to everyone. You can reach this website via / / scihub22266oqcxt.onion / I’m myself a researcher and I publish everything. I don’t understand the researchers who don’t! Only knowledge will bring mankind further.

Some of the papers are published in whole collections or even books. One example here would be the collections of Springer. You can find some of the papers on Sci-Hub but it is quite limited on what it can do. Best you just use the DOI number when using Sci-Hub. Another great resource which is rumored to be the database of Sci-Hub is the Genesis Library. You can also go to but it seems sometimes you get different results on both. So they are not quite the same even if they are called equally.

Other resources (most of them are already included in the Genesis Library) include:

As always, if you like something, e.g. a Book, you should always buy it and hence support the author.


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